Current Research Funded by Kidneeds


Veronique Fremeaux-Bacchi (France)

Professor Fremeaux-Bacchi is investigating the properties of autoantibodies known as C3Nefs.  The overarching goal of her research is to determine where C3Nefs bind on the C3b/Bb complex.  If binding sites can be defined, it may be possible to interfere with the dynamics of this interaction as a possible treatment strategy in DDD and C3GN patients who carry C3Nef antibodies. 


Mihaly Jozsi (Hungary)

The overall goal of Professor Jozsi’s research is to understand how the protein FHR5 functions by identifying its ligand binding sites, defining its interaction with the extra-cellular matrix, exploring its interaction with both live and dead cells, defining how mutations in this protein cause DDD, and delineating possible competition between this protein and FH.   


Marina Noris (Italy)

The goal of Professor Noris’ research is to clone a hybrid gene that creates a novel FHR3-4 fusion protein, which has been identified in a family with DDD.  Professor Noris is also looking FH and FHR protein serum levels in DDD patients to determine how levels of these proteins relate to disease.  


Johan Van der Vlag (Netherlands) 

The overall goal of Professor Van der Vlag's research is to understand the dynamics of C3 deposition on the glomerular vascular bed. Professor Van der Vlag is evaluating of the role of glomerular endothelial heparan sulfate in the binding of FH and FHR proteins and assessing complement activity in sera from C3G patients in a model of the glomerular microenvironment.